After facing a number of unprecedented challenges in the past 18 months, a large number of businesses have begun to deliver growth again in 2010. However, they should not overlook the lessons that were learnt about planning for the worst, says Kcom's Daemonn Brody

Providing greater transparency about mobile usage and implementing tiered plans and alerts should not be viewed as merely a compliance issue for CSPs; they should take this opportunity to reconnect with their subscribers, says Redknee's Humera Malik

VoIP services held up well during the recent recession, along with IT security. Now, hosted VoIP services are gaining in appeal for smaller companies for reasons of cost and convenience, observes Star's Hugo Harber

Within the communications, media and entertainment (CME) industry, companies must find simpler and more automated ways to manage sales to improve profitability. But what's the best approach? Sterling Commerce's John Konczal provides some guidance on a complex issue

The importance of access technologies for the provision of super-fast broadband services means access networks are now being regarded as the first mile, not the last. Steve Powell of Viatel looks at how this is unfolding in the UK market



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