By Neil Cook, head of technology services at Cloudmark

The Rich Communications Suite (RCS) boasts services that will potentially transform the way users communicate with friends and family. If deployed correctly, they could open new revenue streams to operators.

However, in order to take advantage of the potential of RCS, operators will need to be aware of the security implications and adjust their infrastructure accordingly.

By Michal Harris, Head of Amdocs Market Insight & Strategy Group

Service providers live in a highly competitive reality with saturated markets and an industry that’s moved from high growth rates to experiencing revenue growth erosion. At the same time, they have been required to make large-scale investments in their networks, IT services and customer care.

For their part, consumers are enjoying a wealth of choice and experiences at attractive prices. But despite spending more on communications and media services, customers often still receive poor service from their provider.

By Ciena's Mervyn Kelly

According to the UK National Gamer’s Survey 2011, the nation’s estimated active gamer population stands at more than 31 million, with a combined total of 43 million hours being spent on games each and every day.

With the large majority of gamers now having open access to online game play, the demands being placed on the underlying network infrastructure are becoming increasingly significant.

By Sham Careem, co-founder and CCO of mobile portal solutions company Momac

Operators see app stores primarily as one of three distant, nice-to-have but non-essential assets: simple self-care channels, WiFi hotspot finders or TV services. Instead, they should be looking at them as a powerful conduit through which to deliver a personalised and sticky customer relationship management tool.

By Kieran Kilmartin, EMEA marketing director at Pitney Bowes Business Insight

The telecommunications industry is well-versed in offering customers highly differentiated product packages in a saturated and fiercely competitive market. Yet very few currently possess the single view of the customer that is necessary to ensure investment into individual users is kept at appropriate levels.



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