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Deutsche Telekom to refocus around four key strategic areas

Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann has said the operator will “renew” itself as it attempts to drive growth in the next two years.

Speaking at a shareholders' meeting on Thursday, Obermann said the Germany-based company would focus on four strategic action areas: integrated networks for the gigabit society; innovation through collaboration; secure cloud solutions; and “delighting” customers.

A mixture of intensifying cooperation with external partners and in-house development would drive this vision through, the operator added in a statement.

DT lost its crown as Europe’s biggest operator by revenue in 2011 to Telefonica. Earlier this month, it revealed Q1 profits fell a further 1.1 percent.

“The world and, in particular, our industry have moved forward over the last two years, so we are emphasizing certain aspects of our strategy and integrating new ideas to take account of this," said Obermann.

"We need to fight for each and every customer in our core business. Processes need to be streamlined so that DT remains competitive."

DT estimates it will generate €29 billion from the mobile internet, the Connected Home, Internet services for consumers, external revenue of T-Systems and intelligent networks “in the years ahead”.

This is double the amount it made from these areas in 2009.

Obermann added that new, innovative services would be accorded the time they need for their development.