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New features increase ability to prevent worm infection

ForeScout Technologies has announced the release in Europe of its ActiveScout 3.0 product, a leading solution that protects networks from external attack.

The new enhancements give ActiveScout vastly increased performance in the ability to protect enterprises and service providers from malicious attacks before they reach the target network. Despite worm infections and hacker attacks increasing exponentially, ActiveScout 3.0 automatically identifies and eliminates known and unknown threats.

"Our goal remains the same, to stop network attacks by worms and hackers in order to keep businesses running smoothly," said Kent Elliott, CEO of ForeScout Technologies. "We are proud that our products have kept our customers in full operation during fast moving, self-propagating worm outbreaks and lingering attempts at ongoing infection, while their competitors are often shut down for hours or even days."

ActiveScout sits outside the perimeter of a network and provides absolute accuracy in preventing both known and unknown threats from even reaching the perimeter. ActiveScout 3.0 provides instantaneous protection against both hacker and worm attack at minimal cost and saves the network from downtime.

ForeScout Technologies' ActiveScout solution delivers an entirely unique approach to preventing network intrusions: it stops attackers based on their "proven intent" to attack.

An overwhelming majority of telecom industry leaders say VoIP is ready for widespread deployment today and predict it will revolutionalise communications, according to Spirent Communications and Telephony Magazine’s poll of more than 1,000 attendees of SUPERCOMM, the industry trade show held in Chicago, June 21-25.

More than two-thirds of poll respondents said VoIP is ready for widespread deployment while 91 per cent feel the "VoIP revolution has begun."

Reduced costs and product innovation/increased functionality were cited as the top two benefits of VoIP technology.

Poll respondents also claimed the following top three consequences of VoIP deployments:

• Rapidly increases new service deployment• Substantially changes network architectures• Levels the playing field between large and small players, telecom and cable carriers

Despite the rosy outlook for VoIP deployment, industry leaders noted obstacles such as voice quality issues, government regulation and slow broadband deployment that could limit adoption.

"This is a breakthrough year for VoIP technology," reported Jim Schleckser, president of Spirent Communications’ Service Assurance - Broadband unit. "It is also a critical year. Successful adoption requires that VoIP quality match the performance of the existing voice telephone service consumers and businesses have relied on for years. Service providers will need to invest in service assurance tools and expertise to make a smooth transition to VoIP technology."

Which service providers will lead the industry in VoIP deployment?

Poll respondents were pretty evenly split on which five service providers will be most successful at deploying VoIP.

Those that topped the poll were Verizon, AT&T, SBC, Comcast and Vonage, a new VoIP service provider.

More than 50 per cent of telecom industry leaders said their employer uses VoIP technology today and 45 per cent said they have a choice to sign up for VoIP at their homes.

"Our survey shows one compelling direction - the VoIP revolution has begun and service providers clearly have IP networks in their sights and intend to make IP platforms their future," said Mark Hickey, publisher of Telephony and

Adds record number of new customers, further penetrates applications and business services management market, expands channel presence

Driven by growing demand internationally for InCharge and its ability to solve the most complex problems in IT management, SMARTS today reported robust revenue growth, its 11th straight quarter of profitability, and strong international and channel momentum for Q2 2004. Contributing to this successful quarter, SMARTS reported a record number of new customer additions, further penetration into the Application and Business Services Management (BSM) marketplace, and the rapid adoption of SMARTS IP, MPLS and optical management technologies by leading US and international service providers.

In Q2, the company reported continued acceleration of market demand for both InCharge Application Services Manager and Business Impact Manager, with the solutions being adopted by a top global investment bank, a premier US retail bank, and a leading US retailer for the management of mission critical business applications. SMARTS again experienced strong international demand, including the adoption of InCharge to replace a competitive product at a leading Telco in Asia-Pac. In addition, the second quarter marked continued strength in channel sales, with over 50 percent of license transactions coming through SMARTS partners. 

"Our ongoing success, quarter upon quarter, is a clear demonstration of the compelling value proposition SMARTS products offer to our customers," said SMARTS Chief Operating Officer Roger Pilc. "Because we take a service-centric approach to IT management, our software enables customers to manage their entire IT environment - including infrastructure, applications, and business services - as a coherent, interconnected system. The end result is unprecedented Business Insight into how technology supports their core services and customers. As we enter Q3 and beyond, we'll continue to focus on helping our customers become more competitive, dramatically reduce management costs, and set new standards for quality service."[][/l]

SSL report lauds Whale SSL VPN’s security, flexibility and customisability

Whale Communications today announced that it has been lauded in a June 2004 Forrester report, entitled: "SSL is the Future of Remote Access VPNs." The report noted Whale’s SSL VPN for its security, flexibility and customisability. It cited Whale’s tier one position and pointed to its great vision and dedication to innovating technology in the space.

Whale’s e-Gap Remote Access Appliance offers physical isolation to prevent from network attacks as well as an application-level firewall, wrote Robert Whiteley, associate analyst for Forrester, adding that the product’s flexibility and customizability has won many large accounts. Whiteley adds that Whale has a great vision and is dedicated to innovating in the SSL VPN space.

The report notes that Whale, as an established tier one vendor, offers a best-of-breed solution, solid technology road map and shows high growth potential. It states that the tier one vendors make up a majority of the SSL VPN market and dominate the large enterprise accounts, especially the Fortune 1000.

The report states that the SSL VPNs offer a smooth migration to a more cost-effective, easier to deploy remote access solution than IPSec, and that although IPSec remains dominant, SSL will become the standard.

"It is an honor for Whale to be named again by Forrester among the tier one players. I am pleased to see that the tier one list of players reflects that Whale, coming from the security space, is now recognized as an established and leading vendor in the SSL VPN space and no longer a start-up. The other tier one vendors are either veteran VPN players or very large firms," said Daniel Steiner, Whale’s president. "We certainly do not intend to stop here. Forrester’s acknowledgement in the report of Whale’s strong security, flexibility, customisability and vision is yet another independent confirmation of Whale’s ability to shape the market."[][/l]

Lifetree Convergence Limited has announced the successful deployment of its Data rating solution "ZipRate" at DST Group , Brunei Darussalam. ZipRate, which has been successfully installed and integrated with Alcatel infrastructure, is being used by DST to rate its recently launched GPRS and MMS services.

The deployment of ZipRate is a key milestone in the deployment of @Billity, Lifetree's web-based, convergent Billing and Customer Care solution, which is currently underway. Lifetree announced the DST contract in August 2003.

DST is using the ZipRate application to rate MMS calls & GPRS calls in addition to differentially rated content (URLs) being accessed through the GPRS service.

In July 2003, DataStream Technologies (DST), Brunei's leading GSM operator, awarded Lifetree the global contract to design and deliver an Integrated Customer Care and Billing System for its pre-paid and post-paid customers. The implementation of this solution will result in a single bill for all nine DST Group subsidiaries and lines of business.

Lifetree leads a consortium of partners including Sun Microsystems, Wipro Infotech and Hughes Software Systems who are jointly implementing a turnkey solution for DST Group.

Lifetree's proprietary Billing Platform @Billity 3.0 will replace DST's multiple billing, Operations Support System (OSS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with a single unified platform that will deliver all the benefits of a convergent system to DSTcom's 189,000 subscribers.[][/l]

Austria's leading mobile provider mobilkom austria takes next step toward an integrated customer management approach with deployment of Amdocs solution

Amdocs, the world's leading provider of billing and CRM for true integrated customer management, and mobilkom austria, the leading wireless service provider in Austria, today announced the successful deployment of Amdocs ClarifyCRM ClearSales. This deployment builds on mobilkom austria's long term relationship with Amdocs and marks an important milestone in its adoption of Amdocs solutions and its move towards a true integrated customer management approach. In addition, the new deployment will help streamline all customer-facing business processes to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, thus creating and capturing maximum value.

By integrating ClarifyCRM sales functionality with its Amdocs billing and CRM solution, mobilkom austria now has complete visibility across its entire sales process.  As a result of having a holistic view of all the customer touch points, mobilkom austria has improved its business performance and is now better able to identify revenue growth opportunities across its expanding business customer base. In fact, more than two-thirds of all business customers in Austria use mobilkom austria's A1 network, Austria's most popular mobile voice-VPN.

"We are proud of our reputation as an innovator in Austria's mobile communications market," said Claudia Leeb, project manager for the "Business Sales" project, mobilkom austria. "The Amdocs integrated solution has enabled us to maintain our competitive advantage and offer the right products to the right customers through any sales channel and across any customer touch-point. The addition of Amdocs ClarifyCRM sales functionality allows us to streamline sales processes and eliminate product configuration and sales order errors, thereby improving customer loyalty and operational effectiveness." 

"By adding Amdocs sales capabilities to our integrated billing and CRM solution, our customer-facing sales organisation now has the business critical information required to take a more consultative selling approach during all stages of the sales process," said Manfred Kramml, head of business sales department, mobilkom austria. "By taking this step towards enhancing support and information flow across the entire sales lifecycle, mobilkom austria has measurably improved customer relationships, increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs throughout the entire organisation."

mobilkom austria is now able to unify relevant information across any point in the customer lifecycle - from marketing, sales, delivery, and billing and settlement to service and support. Amdocs ClarifyCRM  sales solution allows mobilkom austria to manage leads throughout the entire sales process - from lead identification through to close; track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; and gain greater visibility into business performance with enhanced forecasting capabilities. 

"Amdocs' deep industry expertise and comprehensive solutions enable communications services providers around the world to transform themselves to an integrated customer management business model, putting customers at the centre of everything they do," said Michael Matthews, chief marketing officer for Amdocs.  "We're happy to provide mobilkom austria with a seamless solution to automate key customer-facing business processes at all stages of the customer lifecycle, and we look forward to continuing to support its efforts to better serve its customers and maintain a distinct competitive advantage."

mobilkom austria has also built a contact activity object into the Amdocs system, enabling account managers to generate reports prior to customer site visits, as well as record, track and assess details from the visits. Using the system, account managers can access and distribute prospect information from external sources in real-time, allowing mobilkom austria to identify and quickly capitalise on new opportunities.

New service brings innovation and savings to consumers in Cyprus

iBasis, a leading provider of international long distance service and prepaid calling cards, today announced that Cyprus Telecom (CYTA), the national carrier of Cyprus, has named iBasis as the international VoIP carrier for its new retail international long distance service.

The new service allows consumers to dial a four-digit number toselect CYTA's new service independent of the consumer's existing longdistance carrier. Through a direct interconnection with iBasis,international calls generated by the service will be carried over theiBasis global VoIP network to their destination.

CYTA is one of more than 250 carriers worldwide who have formedrelationships with iBasis to send and receive international longdistance calls over the company's Cisco Powered Network, which hascarried more than nine billion minutes of international long distancecalls. By providing Tier One quality international service to thesecarriers, iBasis has become one of the world's 10 largest carriers ofinternational traffic and was recently ranked by global serviceproviders as the world's best international wholesale carrier for thethird consecutive year.

"Retail service providers like CYTA are rapidly embracing theefficiency of the iBasis Network, for the cost savings of VoIPtechnology and the operational efficiencies of our global wholesaletelecommunications model," said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO ofiBasis.

New research from In-Stat says that the total expenditures for developing an efficient and effective last mile backhaul (including line leasing, new equipment-spending, and spectrum acquisitions) will set  mobile operators back nearly $117 billion by 2014, a 41% increase over 2009 expenditures of $83 billion.

The Western European mobile phone market grew 1.5% year on year to 43.3 million units in 2Q10, according to International Data Corporation's Mobile Phone Tracker. The healthy smartphone growth offset the fall in traditional devices, and smartphone shipments increased to 14.6 million units, 60% up on last year's second quarter, to represent 34% of total shipments, compared with 28% in 1Q10. Traditional mobile phones declined 14% year on year to 28.7 million units, from 33.5 million a year before.

To cope with the surging appetite for bandwidth and today’s 24/7 Internet culture, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the world’s largest Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), has doubled its network capacity by deploying new Brocade MLXe Core Routers as part of a core infrastructure upgrade. This effort future-proofs the network while enhancing operational stability and providing a seamless, cost-effective path for high-density deployment of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology.

Swedish service provider, Ventelo, has selected OneAccess’ ONE150 multi-service access router as the CPE platform for its DUO ADSL 10 service.  The ONE150 is enabling Ventelo to provide a suite of new, competitively priced converged voice and data managed services with flexible options for unified communications, targeted at the SME.