Specialists in customer lifecycle management, Agillic helps communication service providers significantly improve the customer experience.  We achieve this by creating and maintaining a valued subscriber/operator relationship leading to increased levels of customer retention and lower acquisition and retention costs.
Agillic's solutions provide marketing professionals with the flexibility and control to execute targeted marketing programmes based on customer insight, triggers and behaviours.  This makes a powerful difference to a customer's perception of a brand as subscribers receive relevant, timely and informative communications based on their actual usage and behaviours in real time.
With a marketing on demand deployment model, Service Providers can implement  cost-effective marketing programmes fast without the need for a lengthy IT project.  Each solution contains a number of proven customer lifecycle management programmes based on best practices gained from over eight years of telecommunications experience.     
Operators using Agillic's on-demand solutions for their acquisition, loyalty, cross and upsell programmes are reporting churn reduction rates of 40-60% and ARPU increases of 10-20%.


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