Faroese Telecom

In business for nearly a century, Faroese Telecom is the incumbent telco in the Faroe Islands. The islands enjoy a highly-advanced telecommunications infrastructure and are on the verge of yet another pioneering technological leap forward as the Faroe Islands - Icelandic - Scotland transoceanic telecommunications cable, known as Farlce, will go online.Faroese Telecom has in record time implemented a digital terrestrial television (DTT) network in the Faroe Islands. As a consequence of its pioneering efforts and hard-won expertise in this area, Faroese Telecom is able to offer comprehensive DTT consultancy services and has received numerous inquiries from around the globe about its distinctive end-to-end solution.Building upon its extensive telecom network, including fixed, mobile and ADSL, Faroese Telecom is able to combine these networks with its DTT system to offer unprecedented cross media services in association with an innovative Faroese IT company.


  • Fax: (298) 321609
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