Fred Huet, MD of Greenwich Consulting, discusses how operators can respond to threats from OTT providers.

While the issues that operators face concerning the rollout of 4G and data capacity are pressing, one of the biggest threats to their revenues remains the emergence of over-the-top service providers.

By Jon Fell, partner and telecoms expert at Pinsent Masons law firm.

The telecommunications industry is going through its biggest era of change since the introduction of mobile telephony and, put simply, telcos must adapt or die in the new "always on", data-driven world. 

By Dr Ekkehard Stadie, head of the telecom and IT practice at Simon-Kucher & Partners

The party is over. With no real innovation on the horizon, mobile phone services and fixed line broadband are reaching saturation point.

By Warwick Hill, Communications Sector Leader, IBM Global Business Services UK & Ireland.

Despite operators making huge investments to improve customer loyalty, it seems such spending is not yielding results.

IBM’s latest global telecommunications survey, launched last week, reveals that customer perception of their operator is relatively poor. Despite this, consumers do not engage with their providers about sources of dissatisfaction.

By Martin Creaner, president and CEO of TM Forum

Two years ago, everyone was talking about cloud computing or cloud services. Last year it was smart grid and e-health.

This year I think the emergence of the so-called digital economy—or services connecting traditionally offline devices and services with the online world—has become mainstream.

By Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst, Infonetics Research

The good old circuit switched mobile voice $500-billion per year business is under attack from over-the-top (OTT) providers.

Although this has been the state of play for a while, there is no truce in sight but equally no indication that the traditional voice business is falling apart either.

By Paul Kilby, Training Consultant at the Informa Telecoms Academy

2012 really will be the year when maturing markets, data and the realities of over-the-top players impact on how operators’ strategies for the future are shaped.

New business models, built around content ecosystems and broadband services, will finally emerge and transform telcos forever. Only the most agile will fully benefit from the many opportunities for growth that are available.

By François Eloy, EVP, Colt Communication Services

Network operators that were once primarily focused on delivering voice services in a single market are now forced to enter new markets and offer solutions that integrate new technologies to generate new revenue streams.

However, no operator is able to provide telecommunications and IT services in all regions nor is able to cover the full voice, data and managed IT services portfolio alone.



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