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Leveraging New Service Activation Testing Standards and Automated Service Assurance

The increasing demand for Ethernet services, particularly from enterprises, is great news for service providers, but it comes with demands for better service quality and faster responsiveness to service change requests. Delivering on these demands can be challenging, especially for service providers that rely on labor-intensive testing processes for service activation testing (SAT). In this paper, we examine the challenges providers face activating Ethernet and IP services, and show how new standards ensure thorough and accurate activation and benchmarking of services. 

Providing connectivity is no longer much of a factor for CSPs. While competing with OTT players, telecom operators realized that, in order to keep their heads above water, they would need to invest and implement an innovation culture including different disruptive technologies such as NFV or SDN.

The self-organizing networks model has already become an essential part of mobile network operators’ (MNO) operational support systems (OSS). Using human engineering skills to manage networks ended with the introduction of 4G technologies, and full manual management of telecom networks is now simply impossible.

While service quality in the IoT (Internet of Things) means something different for each industry vertical, in general it comes down to a reliable, constant connection, real-time operation of the device, and efficient online monitoring and fault detection.

Today’s consumers are always on the go and constantly in a hurry. Customer journeys have become dynamic, as shop­pers often jump from one channel to another, perhaps starting an order process online and finalizing in a physical store. The relationship between the CSP (communication service provider) and its customer has evolved to become much more personal than it used to be. Clients need to feel that their time is valued, that they can order person­alized services, and that they will get a response to their enquires via their chosen channel.

From a business perspective, NFV/SDN technology is probably not judged on its technical capabilities, but rather on how it can improve operational and business efficiency. In particular, it can be assessed in regard to its capacity to boost service innovation and reduce time to market. In both cases the judgment should be made from the customer service perspective, however exciting the technological aspects may be for network engineers or other IT experts.

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In a typical scenario the operators involved sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), which means that any operational activities (establishing the target network KPIs, preparing the site selection process, etc.) resulting from the merger will be held off until official approval is obtained from the authorities and the due diligence phase is over.

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Constantly growing competition on the telecommunications market forces communication service providers (CSPs) to fight to improve their competitive position, and customer experience is one of the main battlefields. Mobile applications provided by companies such as Facebook, Uber or Spotify are light, easy to use and force the customer to interact constantly with the service provider. Compared to them, an SMS sent by a CSP when its subscribers are crossing international borders seems to be quite modest. But telecoms companies are well positioned too!



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