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With the challenges of traditional market saturation, forward-thinking MNOs are diversifying their offerings with broader, more engaged services, which enable them to achieve revenue growth in a non-traditional way.

A 5-step MNO Business Growth Model is presented which helps categorise the different ways a MNO can identify and deliver new revenue streams.

The white paper explores these revenue streams in-depth and backs up the model with case studies and proven real-life MNO revenue growth examples.

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The world of digital services, IoT and M2M have forced telecom operators to expand their product and service portfolios, which are now often built in cooperation with partners from vertical markets, such as health, automotive, utilities and others. “Service Providers of Everything” must learn how to handle this complexity, as traditional revenue sources such as voice, messaging and data services are not showing enough profit.

Many CSPs still depend on siloed, legacy BSS systems, where separate stacks support various market segments (broadband, fixed, mobile, etc.) or various customer segments (consumer, SOHO, SMB, enterprises, etc.). This sometimes means dozens of various legacy systems supporting one telecom business – systems that can and should be consolidated to support modern businesses efficiently.

A Checklist for Achieving the Benefits and Managing the Risks

“Openness” is one of the critical requirements for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), a telecom initiative in which network functions are virtualized and run on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. Open solutions significantly increase the number of software suppliers, which in turn increases the rate of innovation. By adopting an open strategy for their NFV architecture, telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) can develop new solutions faster, while lowering development costs. In addition, as network infrastructures transform to keep pace with the rapid increase in data traffic from new user behavior and new connections for the Internet of Things (IoT), employing a pragmatic open NFV strategy can facilitate improved capital and operational efficiencies, reducing total cost of ownership..

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The Next Leap Forward in Network Virtualization:

The Blue Planet brochure provides a high-level view of the Blue Planet network virtualization and service orchestration software.


Orchestrate and manage services from end-to-end across both physical and virtual domains with Ciena’s award-winning Blue Planet network orchestration software. Blue Planet reduces operational costs by abstracting network complexity and drives greater competitive advantage through a level of previously unachievable service programmability.

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Today’s content is consumed on demand, by users who expect easy access to video and informational services whenever they desire, from nearly any location. In this web-scale world, networks play a crucial role in connecting data centers and enabling organizations to gain greater agility, scalability, and operational simplicity to keep pace with growing capacity and performance demands.

European Communications, in partnership with IBM Analytics has created brand new pan-European industry research into how smart analytics solutions can be utilised by mobile operators to transform their customer marketing and drive new revenues.

This whitepaper details the key findings from this exclusive research.

Download today and you will discover what analytic solutions operators are currently using to improve their marketing, and understand what the future challenges and opportunities are.

In 2014, the mobile industry passed an amazing milestone – the number of mobile subscriptions (SIM cards) surpassed the human population.

While these connected devices represent a smaller subset of the global consumer base, mobile has had a significant positive impact on literally every aspect of our lives, the supply-chain of trillion-dollar industries and national GDPs.

At the heart of this transformation is the digitization of information, processes and democratization of opportunity.

In today’s global culture, high-quality content is expected to be available anywhere, at any time. The network is at the heart of this new web-scale world, playing a crucial role in connecting data centers with new benchmarks in operational simplicity, scalability, and viable business economics. Ciena’s solutions, rooted in the company’s industry leadership in DCI applications, enable data center and network operators to accelerate deployments, reduce operating costs, and raise the level of flexibility and efficiency dictated by today’s web-scale operational paradigm.

This white paper discusses the benefits and challenges of NFV, and examines how Wind River® Titanium Server, the industry’s first feature-complete NFV server, achieves an extremely high level of reliability, providing a solid foundation for building carrier grade NVF network equipment, networks, and services.

The digital age has changed the way we communicate and interact with our family, friends, peers and colleagues. Digital technologies and online services are changing our lifestyle patterns and the speed at which we embrace digital change is a real challenge for communication service providers. Customers demand better end-to-end customer touchpoint experiences, frequent online interactions and full control over their services. These digital capabilities have been key to the revenue success of OTT service providers who have been instrumental in shaping the digital needs and expectations of customers. As a communication service provider, you must lead this business transformation to meet your customers’ needs and pursue the development of new revenue streams in order to compete in a more dynamic digital marketplace.

Openet partnered with a leading telecoms publications company to produce the BSS section of this report. Download a copy of the survey results to find out:

  • What new services operators see as having best opportunity to generate new revenue streams
  • What BSS components operators are looking to replace
  • How important is BSS virtualisation and what are the main benefits to be gained

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