Huawei has revealed that enterprises will drive cloud technology and that it only wants one percent of the associated digital transformation market.

The China-based vendor made the comments as it gave what it claimed to be the first “comprehensive” look at its cloud strategy during an event in Shanghai this week.

Setting the scene, it said the cloud would be “the source of intelligence behind all things”.

Networks will connect everything, it said, while devices will sense their environments.

Ken Hu, Huawei's rotating CEO, said that enterprises would be the main players in the cloud era as solution innovation would “revolve around their specific needs”.

Within 10 years, the company predicts that all enterprise IT solutions will be cloudified and that more than 85 percent of enterprise applications will be cloud-based.

However, Hu said that Huawei does not intend to release “a handful of clouds on its own”.

Rather, it called for a global cloud and a platform with a unified API, architecture and ecosystem.

It said aimed to build a cloud-based network for enterprises around the world along with global carriers and “other major partners”, such as Accenture, Intel, Honeywell and Infosys.

Another of Huawei’s rotating CEOs, Guo Ping, called for all players to “make a bigger pie” and not focus on fighting for a larger share.

He said that Huawei has only set its sights on one percent of “the huge digital transformation pie”.

The vendor saw revenues rise 37 percent to CNY395 billion (€53.6 billion) in 2015, while profits grew by a third to CNY36.9 billion (€5 billion).

The majority of sales came from the company’s telecom division, with revenues from enterprises accounting for just CNY27.6 billion (€3.7 billion).

Among a number of launches the vendor unveiled at the Huawei Connect event was its first Enterprise Solution Partner Program, through which it aims to jointly develop products and services.

A FusionStage PaaS platform, which offers enterprises a complete environment for app development, deployment, operation, and management, was also unveiled.

Of particular interest to telcos is the Agile Controller 3.0, which Huawei described as the “super brain” of networks.

Specifically, it offers on-demand network resource pool reservation, automatic deployment, intelligent optimisation and bandwidth adjustment on-demand for enterprise customers across campuses, carriers and data centre networks.

Huawei said it would help operators to “establish e-commercial network operation platforms to achieve top speed service provisioning and on-demand value-added service customisation, building agile and open networks on demand, accelerating digital transformation and adding pipe values.”

Hu said: "Over the next five to ten years we will see all kinds of smart devices that automatically adapt to various use scenarios.

“All people and all things will have the ability to sense their surroundings, and devices will serve as entry points to the intelligent world.

“Optical and wireless networks will provide ubiquitous, ultra-broadband connections.

“In the meantime, interconnected computers spread across the planet will aggregate vast amounts of data, forming a 'digital brain' in the cloud.

“This digital brain will evolve in real time, and it will never age, providing intelligence that can be called upon at any time by people and machines via high-speed connections and devices."

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